Who We Are

Who We Are

Good Source Corrections has been serving the correctional food service industry since 1985. We serve approximately 3,100 facilities at the federal, state, and county level throughout the United States. We specialize in understanding and addressing your unique needs for food in prison, and are a long standing member of the Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates.

Our sales team works exclusively with correctional food buyers to secure beneficial, applicable, quality products that meet each institution’s menu requirements and needs. Our team at Good Source represents over 175 years of combined experience providing inmate food in the corrections’ food industry. We strive to understand the challenges our customers face and develop personalized product recommendations to reflect individual facility needs. Offering solutions with unparalleled customer service is our top priority!

We Specialize in Understanding Your Unique Needs

We Understand Budget Constraints and Delivery Deadlines

Provide quality, nutritional food products

Deliveries are accurate, on-time and as promised

Distribution solutions and recommendations

We Value Your Time & Our Standards are High

We partner to focus on product recommendations that reflect individual program needs

Our purchasing department screens & evaluates each product offer to meet quality and integrity standards

Our Quality Assurance Policy

Complete label & nutritional data

Samples available upon request

Full disclosure on Special Buys® and product offerings

Product custody tracking and recall capabilities

Performance bonds & liability insurance above the industry standard

Satisfaction guaranteed and backed by years of experience in the industry